Sanchin Three Battles: Anatomy and Physiology of Sanchin Kata Book

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Sanchin Three Battles: Anatomy and Physiology of Sanchin Kata Details

Sanchin, a karate form that dates back more than five hundred years, is one of the most powerful of katas. Literally three battles, Sanchin offers those who practice it properly and consistently the opportunity to unify the body, the mind, and the spiritand attain complete harmony.

Three Battles Sanchin, written by Shihan Pervez B. Mistry, examines the history, physiology, and practical applications of this valuable kata. A certified personal trainer and post-rehabilitative sports injury specialist as well as a Goju-ryu master, Shihan Mistry explains the effect of Sanchin on the musculoskeletal, respiratory, and nervous systems. He also delves into the katas history and origins and discusses the fighting applications of the form.

An exceptional tool for students, Three Battles Sanchin also offers advice to instructors for both teaching the kata and improving student performance. Practitioners of martial arts in general and Goju-ryu in particular will find Shihan Mistrys comprehensive discussion of Sanchin a valuable resource.

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