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Romance novels are one of the most popular kinds of reading material in the world. These Romance books are the best way of selling your content as a writer. People love to read about fictional love stories, where the characters can do anything in love. Hot romance novels, like the New York Bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, can really mess up with your idea of love and lust, giving birth to certain fantasies, where you start looking for Christian Grey. Well, Books on romance can also be seen as an optimistic approach towards life and love in general which provide hope to Romance novels lovers to stay kind and loving in this cruel world. So if you are a fan of romantic novels then you are in luck as we have a collection of some of the Best love story novels on our website. We all grew up listening to love stories about brave kings and prince charming from our mother and granny, who loved and took care of their beautiful wives. Girls grow up with the image of their prince charming who would protect and cherish them forever, even when they are old and wrinkly.

Let’s be real, girls are the majority readers of romance novels in the world. Females have a tendency of imagining beautiful things when it comes to love. A lot of them begin to think about marriage from an early age. Well, these novels are just a secret to live all those fantasies within the daylight and not necessarily in your dreams. We fall in love with the protagonist, feeling all their emotions of love, heartache, and pain.

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Best Romance Books List (2019)

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Romance Books Price List on May, 2019

Romance Books List Updated Price List
It Happened One Autumn: The Wallflowers, Book 2 Rs. 201
The Sum of All Kisses (Smythe-Smith) Rs. 554
Tempt the Devil Rs. 1,170
Something Sweeter (Sweet, Texas) Rs. 298
The Scottish Companion (Avon Romantic Treasure) Rs. 489
It Started with a Scandal: Pennyroyal Green Series Rs. 559
Lord Dashwood Missed Out: A Spindle Cove Novella Rs. 253
Mrs. Miracle (Angels) Rs. 647
The Viking's Captive (Viking I) Rs. 465
The Rogue Hunter (Argeneau Vampire) Rs. 525

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Novels on love have always been one of the favorite subjects of writers. Be it, Milton or Shakespeare, all these legendary writers loved to add tragic love stories in their satires. A novel on love story is relatable to all age group, from teenagers to a matured reader. There is just something beautiful about love stories that can entertain anyone, maybe it’s because of the fact that a lot of the Best love story novels were written by writers seeing their muse in their lovers.

Indiashopps has listed some of the most popular and best Romance novels online, to help its user fulfill their reading desires.

Online Romance Novels

We often, procrastinate reading as we run away from going to the market and purchasing the book. But not anymore, now you can order all the Latest love story novels from our website, without going anywhere. So just sit back and order all the bestselling Romance books 2017.

Buy Best romance novels of all time

We have listed romance novels from the history to the works of the most recent writers, to allow people to read all kinds of romance writing. You can simply ignite your true old soul, and dive in the literature of 16th century, to the time when Romeo didn’t mind dying for his love Juliet. Our collection includes all timeless classics, from Jane Eyre, Love Story, and gone with the Wind, etc., which will surely make you fall heads over heels in love with every word you read.

Hot romance novels

Do you like reading hot romantic novels with passionate chemistry and sensual details? Well, we like to keep romantic readers from all genres happy, thus providing a collection of some of the hottest Love story novel, like Bared to You, Fifty Shades of Grey, Beautiful Disaster, and many more to ignite the sexual passion within you. These novels are particularly popular amongst women, who love to fantasize about these strong men that are depicted in these stories. The taboo of sex around these novels is also what makes them so interestingly popular amongst the audience worldwide.

Online romantic novels for Teenager

Are you wondering which romantic text is appropriate for teenage kids? Well then just browse through our website and buy the book according to your preference. If I Say, Fault in our Stars, The Year I Met You, Fangirl and Me Before you, etc. are some of the books that you can purchase for your kids. A Love storybook can help your teenage kid handle his/her first love, kiss or breakup with grace, which can give them an insight on what love is and what it should feel like.

Best love books

You can also buy popular books, by referring to our bestselling books which you might find in your suggestion box from time to time. This list includes literature work from writers from all around the world. Sorry, The Deliberate Sinner, The Best Laid Plan, You are Not My Type, It Started with a Friend Request etc. are some of the most popular books which are showing high sales online currently. We have all the classic romantic works of the 16th century to 21st century writers till date. Love is one of the sweetest emotions in the world, which can really help you change the way you see the world. A romantic novel is something everyone should read once in their lifetime.

We Have the Best Book Vendor

Indiashopps has a tie up with Amazon, which is the only book vendor on the website it solely offers a collection of over 6000 books. This collection includes all original publications which come with validation of the biggest online shopping website Amazon.

So sit back in your comfy chair and order some of these Best romance books from our website, and travel in time and experience the romantic age. Use our website and your spare time to read some of the Best romance novels in the world, don’t shy away from love. As these love stories can come into your life for a dose of hope and light, in times when you are struggling with love. It’s better to read a love story when going through a breakup then drown your sorrows in sad songs and wine. Love is always the answer, just read a few lines.

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