Revenge of the Scorpion: Triple Witching Hour

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Revenge of the Scorpion: Triple Witching Hour Details

Kevin and Sarah are detectives in a NYC precinct. Kevin's brother was killed in the truck bombing of the World Trade Center. Kevin is determined to find his killers, but has no clue. as events unfold, the bomber-killer, 'Scorpion' returns and is threatening NYC again. He meets Beverly, who is a Social Service Worker, she connects him with the 'Mole People' from the NYC underground. And a 'Mole' orphan child of 10, Charlee shows him the life underground. A recent theft of cases of dynamite, a snitch in "Scorpion's' gang, and contacts with drug lords in NYC, Kevin and Sarah come closer to an arrest. But, Kevin finds himself unsure of his goals in life and with this case. He botches arrests, refuses to use his gun, and laughs off the jokes from the precinct officers. He cannot even commit to relationships, especially with Bev, whom he is beginning to have feelings, but again, holds back. Not until Charlee needs a home, and Bev pushes him to commit, and when Sarah gets shot in a gun battle, does he finally realize that life is more important than playing the comic. He finally wakes up when he confronts 'Scorpion' in the underground in a life threatening one-on-one battle. Where will this lead him? Will love overcome Kevin's hesitations, and will he finally be motivated enough to commit to life.
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