Reliability and Validity Measures of Survey Instruments Book

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Reliability and Validity Measures of Survey Instruments Details

Scalograms gain desired value in inquiry if verifiably reliable in the information they obtain and valid in the constructs they transmit during field work. A survey instrument would ideally use two or three scalograms to probe every distinctive concept, dimension, variable or attribute. In this way the survey instrument is enabled to ascertain triangulation of measurement and inquiry while promoting the assurance or reliability and validity of these measurement instruments. The scalograms are qualified to be appropriate for the appointed measurements when they display consistency, one with another in the way they profile the target concepts, dimensions, variables or attributes. When so proven, they attain the value of convention as specific instruments of measuring data for particular phenomena. This is important as research results are only as good as the data they rely on. The design of reliability and validity measures of survey instruments are best illustrated in the real setting of a field setting inquiry. To this extent, inquiry and model scalograms that seek to map out the profiles of social cohesion as a principal pillar of social sustainable growth in the city of Nairobi is used as a test case. Accordingly survey instruments with peculiar relevance to the dimensions and attributes of social cohesion and ones that essentially triangulate the issues under inquiry are the ones put to the test here. A quick preview of social cohesion, its inherent aspects and their interactions as well as desirable measures is therefore ventured into here.
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