Professional Martial Arts Instructor: Volume 1

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DO YOU WANT TO BE CERTIFIED AS A PROFESSIONAL MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR?One never knows what they are going to get with the martial arts. Systems deviate widely in everything from basics to methods of teaching to advanced material. Instructors deviate widely in what and how they teach.The result of all this deviation is that the martial arts are considered a less than professional field.This is why people drop out of the martial arts. This is why gym owners are leery of hiring martial artists. This is why martial artists themselves speak ill of the martial arts.This book, 'Professional Martial Arts Instructor,' solves that problem.A whopping 232 pages, 8 1/2 LARGE pages, crammed with everything one needs to know to teach the martial a PROFESSIONAL fashion.Sections on basics, forms, two man forms, technical applications, EVERYTHING, the professional martial artist needs to know to teach the martial arts.Want to have your own school? This book tells you everything you need to know to run a school, and make that school PROFESSIONAL.Want to teach in a gym? This book has EVERYTHING you need to know to be able to walk in and convince a gym owner that you are a totally professional martial arts instructor.Heck, show him this book and he will hire you in a flash, and pay you good money, simply because you are thoroughly PROFESSIONAL.You aren't going to be costing him money, you are going to be making him money.This book is every bit as thorough, and more so, than any Personal Trainer course on the market.IMPORTANT ~ Once you finish this book you can take a test and become certified as a Professional Martial Arts Instructor.This book raises the bar on the martial arts. This book elevates the martial arts to a profession.If you want to be a Professional Martial Arts Instructor...this is the book, the certification, the whole nine yards.
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