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Best Government Books List (2018)

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Government Books Price List on October, 2018

Government Books List Updated Price List
The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress: 001 Rs. 12,722
Treatment of Rape Victims: Facilitating Psychosocial Adjustment (Psychology Practitioner Guidebooks) Rs. 7,084
American Government Rs. 2,646
Budgeting in Texas CB Rs. 28,516
Federal Staff Directory 1999/Summer: The Executive Branch of the U.S. Government : White House, Departments, Agencies, Biographies (Federal Staff Directory Summer Edition) Rs. 14,424
Government by the People: State and Local Politics Rs. 4,195
Lords a'Leaping Rs. 2,246
How to be an MP: Learning the Commons Knowledge Rs. 937
Scottish Local Authorities and the Environment: Current Initiatives and Activities (January 1994) Rs. 1,696
Understanding Public Policy Rs. 48,546

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