Ozzie - The Story of a Young Horse

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*****#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER!!!***** At the horse sales in Kilkenny, Elaine Heney bought a green five year old gelding. As she unloaded him in Tipperary that evening she realised she had a restart on her hands. This is the story of how they progressed since then. Early reviews have described this book as "beautifully written, fantastic and totally addictive reading. Elaine captures you and drags you into her world." Small, wide-eyed and nervous the grey walked anxiously around the sales ring, his front feet moving apprehensively through the fresh yellow sawdust. Bidding started quickly, with the English lady leading the buyers triumphantly from the ring side. 500 quickly turned into 1000 and at 1500 he was officially on the market and would be sold. We quietly put in the next offer to the auctioneer's delight and after two or three more minutes of bidding, it was only us and the English dealer left as the price climbed higher. My heart was in my mouth. `Going once, any more bids now'? The auctioneer's question rang around the room, crackling on the loudspeaker outside. I clenched my fists tightly and stopped breathing completely. `Going twice, this is your last chance now......' the auctioneer paused, hammer raised, as I wished and hoped and prayed simultaneously. The auctioneer took a deep breath, as he glanced around the room and then shouted `Sold!' exuberantly, as the hammer flew through the air and crashed down loudly onto the dark mahogany counter........ 5 STAR REVIEWS "Beautifully written heart warming story - a must read for all horse lovers out there. Ozzie is a Connemara pony with a big personality and the author hilariously documents her training methods with him. A gem of a book, I really enjoyed it." Star "A beautifully written tale of the re-training of a young horse using modern intelligent horsmanship methods, interspersed with the more interesting moments in the author's young life. It reads very easily, yet the writer does not "talk down" to you - she treats you as an equal which is refreshing these days!" Judy Sharpe "Reading about horsemanship in a different context has cast it in a completely new light for me and made it much clearer. Thoroughly enjoyable read!" Rachel Westcott "Thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Ozzie and Elaine. Wish there were more books just like it. As a dedicated and enthusiastic natural horse person, I just drank it all in. Must go back and read it again...soon." Lesley Woodward "Great little book I read it on my kindle app. Story was good, with lots of informative training tips woven into the story. I couldn't wait for bedtime so I could read how well Ozzie was progressing!" FrancesJones "Great read and very entertaining. For any horse lover out there it a great read and a fantastic insight on how with time, patience and a little TLC anything can happen!!! Really made me want to buy a youngster and bring him on myself" Kelly Louise Mellor "I didn't want the book to end! I would love to read a follow up on how Ozzie has progressed now" Mrs. A. Hancock "This is a great book, full of interest and useful insights into training young or damaged horses. Great natural hormanship with a wonderful understanding of how to train a horse or pony with gentleness." Wendy Newing "Please buy this book if you love horses and want to learn how to train and school young horse. Definitely worth the money !!!!! :-)" Kashforaever
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