Owiny: Hybrid Solar Eclipse

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Beloved, from a mythological, astrological and biblical points of view, the reflections in this book will move you as they open global debate on the age-long concept that, the “earth-is-round. Enriched by the eclipse events of 3rd November, 2013, this book challenges this old-notion: and points to the fact that, the earth may have “four-corners as supported by Mathew 24:3 (Mark 13:27).

But at a closer look, I am proud to be among the first, to say that, the earth may be pyramidal in shape. This variant really speaks to me after my time watching the eclipse. All I saw were pyramids! As a writer, I strive to bring to light these shadows. I prayed then that, the mysterious light of this book, in solidarity with the brave Owiny villagers who are risking life to break through the hardest and darkest of habits should spur all of us, the global citizens, to miraculous action(s) only found in God's Word!

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