Okinawan Karate: Teachers Styles and Secret Techniques (Martial Arts) Book

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Okinawan Karate: Teachers' Styles and Secret Techniques (Martial Arts) Details

Okinawan karate is the historical grandparent of karate styles practised throughout the world today. This book looks at the development of each Okinawan style and describes the techniques which comprise the various methods of self defence. These are divided into the "Shorin" group, the kobudo and ti styles, and styles based on Chinese boxing systems. Black and white photographs and lineage charts highlight famous families and teachers who have played key roles in promulgating karate for several hundred years. Also included are breathing and relaxation exercises, and glossaries of katas and of Japanese, Okinawan and Chinese words used in the text. Mark Bishop holds a 6th Dan in Okaniwan te, a 4th Dan in Shorin-ryu karate and kobudo, a 3rd Dan in Goju-ryu, and black belt gradings in judo and aikido.
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