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Workbooks can be an ideal opportunity to uncover inspiring and joyful reflections relating to your life, through exploring your own feelings. This Christian Prayer Workbook has been written especially for you, so that you can look into your relationship with God in more detail, examining why your faith matters to you and looking into your own feelings. This workbook is a large size ( 8.5" x 11") and it offers a creative space in which you can reflect, through your own writing, and also being inspired by the poetry contained within the workbook, to look into your heart and ask questions about prayer. The workbook has been priced at a low price to make it accessible to all people, and the proceeds will be going to assist those in need. What is prayer ? Prayer can be understood from many perspectives, as demonstrated in the workbook. Prayer can be all about praise, especially during happier moments of life. You may wish to give thanks to God for the glory of all that He may have showered on you, or you may simply wish to pray silently for inspiration and guidance. Prayer resolves an internal need to be in the company of the Lord. It offers us a sanctuary when we really need it, and a safe haven where we can truly be ourselves. There is a shared understanding that when we pray, there is a purpose to prayer and that although prayer in itself is powerful, it requires faith to make it work. Prayer is a uniting activity, therefore, as it connects us not only to God, but to all of those who have faith. Through prayer, we are showing our wish to facilitate and activate God's love within our lives, and in the lives of others. Dorothy E. Scott is an internationally famous US poet, whose work as an 'Honorary Chaplin' ( or Chaplain in UK English) means that she has a lot of experience in helping others. Feon Davis is a US poet whose love of God is communicated in all that she writes. Alice Oxford is a poet and writer whose words are inspired by her faith. This workbook has been dedicated to all of those who suffer, and who wish to find solace through prayer.
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