Martial Arts: Combined Old and New Methods: Volume 2 (Lions Roar San Da)

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Martial Arts: Combined Old and New Methods: Volume 2 (Lion's Roar San Da) Details

Lions Roar San Da, the fighting method of the late Master Chan Tai-San, as organized and taught by his adopted disciple, Sifu David A Ross. For more than 20 years it has proven its effectiveness on the mats, in the rings and in the cages of the modern Mixed Martial Arts world. The fundamental idea being; It is not WHAT you practice, but HOW you practice. In this volume, Sifu Ross outlines and examines how Chinese martial arts were really trained in the past and compares them to the modern combat sports approach. He demonstrates how SIMILAR the two approaches actually are and then poses the question; why are Chinese martial arts currently suffering a crisis of credibility? The answers he proposes may shock you! With numerous illustrations, the Chinese keywords and detailed explanations, the technical aspects of this book cover clinching, throwing, in-close striking, kick catches and ground fighting. The book presents them in a uniquely Chinese way, yet they could and have comfortably fit in todays Mixed Martial Arts cage. This is unique book that will cause many martial artists to reexamine their training.
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