Low Kicks: Advanced Martial Arts Kicks for Attacking the Lower Gates

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Low Kicks: Advanced Martial Arts Kicks for Attacking the Lower Gates Details

Revised, re-edited and expanded third Edition! Low Kicks are powerful, fast, and effective exactly what you need to defend yourself in a real life confrontation. And because they are seldom used in sport fighting, they can be a surprising and valuable addition to your free fighting arsenal. While they may seem easy to execute, not all low kicks are simply low versions of the basic kicks. There are specific attributes and principles that make low kicks work. Marc de Bremaeker has collected the most effective low kicking techniques from Martial Arts like Krav Maga, Karatedo, Capoeira, Wing-Chun Kung-Fu, MMA, and Muay Thai. In this book, he analyzes each kick in depth, explaining the proper execution and outlining applications and variations from self-defense, sport fighting and traditional practice. Hundreds of examples illustrated by one thousand photographs and illustrations will help you master the important skill of low kicking and become a better and more well-rounded fighter regardless of style. The first Edition of the book was reviewed and rated 4.5 stars by Amazon customers. A representative review went: "Excellent resource. by Loren W. Christensen. I like martial arts books that present a fighting concept in package form, and that is exactly what Marc De Bremaeker has done with Low Kicks. The many photos illustrate clearly the various kicks and targets that can easily be used by all martial arts systems, such as karate, krav maga, muay Thai, TKD, kung fu, and so on. The exception being styles with a sport slant. One particular aspect I like is how the book is sprinkled with quality drawings of techniques. Some techniques show up best on the page when drawn. That is the case here. Low Kicks discusses and illustrates in photos and drawings single techniques, combinations, and against hand-held bags. As a guy who has been teaching and training in the martial arts since 1965, I highly recommend Low Kicks. "
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