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Loneliness can be over whelming at times if we allow it to over take us, so many times in my past the fear of being alone would over take me. The fear of not just being alone but also of dieing alone. I had to get to the point I am now for God to show me, your never alone unless you make a choice to be, and by that I mean pulling away not from people but from God. Some of my issues came from very bad things happening to me so many years ago that left scars so deep, and now have to leave night lights on, double check my doors and windows..2 maybe 3 times. But I have grown so much in the past few years, yes it took many years to get the safe place I am now, of feeling peace in my soul. In feeling safe being alone. In feeling content on my days alone. So many things change as we age and this book covers all of it, I hope you find hope in the things I share.
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