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Law Price in India

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INCOME TAX Guidelines & Mini Ready Reckoner 2015-16 & 2016-17 alongwith Tax Planning and Wealth TaxRs.429
Law Law is a serious profession and one of those professions, which require extensive studying after MBBS. An aspiring lawyer has to thoroughly read law books, because you cannot be mistaken when you are fighting for your client before the judge against your opposite lawyer. There are several types of books when law study is concerned. Taking seriously the need of law books, we have come up with a broad collection of law books for all type of lawyers be it an aspirant, experienced or an expert. There are various kinds of law study and books like Criminal law, Tax law, Constitutional Law, Business Law etc, which are all very different from each other. Prepare for any case and any law exam with IndiaShopps Law Books section, which has just been created for all the people who are lawyers and who want to be one. Buy Law books online IndiaShopps has huge collection of law books. It not only lets you shop the books but also helps you in deciding that which price will best suit your preference. Compare the prices of books online with us.