Know the Bible Accurately: Interpretation of Prophetic Bible Numbers Book

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Know the Bible Accurately: Interpretation of Prophetic Bible Numbers Details

The interpretation of Prophetic Bible numbers revealed in this book makes it possible for everyone of us to know the Bible accurately with simplicity as God desires. Accuracy in our understanding of the Bible is Paramount and fundamental as we see God warning Moses in scriptures to be accurate when constructing the Temple; God said, "see to it that you make all things according to the pattern and measurements I showed you on the mountain." Everything God determined for us to know about Him and His vision for man is hidden in the Prophetic Bible numbers which God gave Moses as measurements of the Temple and its facilities. It is a must for us to know the meaning of Prophetic numbers because the Holy Spirit used the language of numbers when writing the Bible. When you understand what Prophetic numbers in the Bible stands for, only then will God consider you accurate and your greatness in the world to come is secured. Prophetic numbers will synchronize our understanding with God's understanding and like that, we shall always produce fruits of righteousness as God determined before the world was. Without the knowledge of these numbers, it is impossible for you to be accurate in your expository of scriptures.
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