Killer Instinct: Unarmed Combat for Street Survival

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On the streets of America, there is no bushido, the honorable code of the ancient warrior. In a nation plagued by violent crime, where drug wars, brutal homicides, assaults and rape are the tragic realities of everyday life and violence and aggression are not only condoned but exhalted, much of what is taught in the safety of the dojo will not work. The serious martial artist must be prepared to neutralize vicious animals unrestricted by the rules of combat etiquette.

The vision of world-renowned self-defense expert Sammy Franco, is that when success and failure can mean the difference between life and death, many traditional tools, stances, techniques and training methodologies must be challenged and ultimately changed to conform to reality. The approach of his martial art style, Contemporary Fighting Arts, lies between the traditional and modernist schools of thought. It has integrated the safest, most effective tools extracted from a variety of forms, and the modified, refined and strategically arrayed them around the ranges of unarmed combat and various fighting environments.

Here, Mr. Franco describes the mental, spiritual and physical components of his advanced system of combat that offers the fighter a brutal and efficient arsenal. But a weapon is only as good as the soldier trained to use it. Reading this book is the first step. Followed by proper and consistent training, the tools and techniques contained herein can be maximized by the martial artists who has attained self-knowledge, psychological preparedness and most importantly, mastery of the killer instinct.

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