Independent Catholics: A Guide to the Sojourner Book

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"Independent Catholics: A Guide to the Sojourner" sets a new standard for literature on the Independent Catholic Sacramental Movement. Monsignor Sweeley, with his usual flair for detail and explanation, makes an intricate and scholarly case for the validity of non-Roman Catholic Catholicism in language easily understood by all. Most importantly for the reader, the book is a fair and honest assessment of the teachings of the Church Catholic in Sweeley's typical "no holds barred" style. While the book was originally conceived as a guide to those seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation it is much, much, more than that. It is first-rate scholarship about Catholicism with exciting material about Independent Catholicism. Per one reviewer, "This is probably the most authoritative book and masterful ecclesiology yet published on the Independent Catholic Movement." Another reviewer wrote, "I believe 'Independent Catholics: A Guide to the Sojourner' will become the foundational work for all who are interested in Independent Catholicism, especially for those who feel in the least bit disenfranchised by the Church of Rome, and a significant momentus for those who feel organized religion conflicts with their intelligence." "Independent Catholics: A Guide to the Sojourner" is a compendium of knowledge for the Independent Catholic Movement and will continue to be so for years to come. In short, it is a gift to all that are to follow us.
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