In His Own Words: Dr. Bernard Ettas 2000 Quotations on More Than a Hundred Topics

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In His Own Words: Dr. Bernard Ettas 2000 Quotations on More Than a Hundred Topics Details

The 21st century will be the greatest century in the history of mankind. Given that, mankind is undertaking her greatest step to annual the belief in specialization, which for centuries has limited the quest for knowledge within narrow confines. Knowledge is interrelated; for a human being to be fully equipped to function in an integrated world, such must not operate within a small sphere of stereotyped information. The quest for knowledge in the 21st century should be broaden, multidimensional and inclusive. Every individual living in the 21st century must strive to go beyond any form of narrowness in perspective and knowledge. This is the requirement for living and operating effectively in this era. This book is my contribution to the above paradigm shift. It is a conglomerate and a confluence of information on more than a hundred topics on diverse areas intended to broaden the scope of the understanding of mankind on a wide range of issues with the 21st century in perspective. The quotes and statements are drawn from my personal research, experiences and inspiration. I hope this book will go a long way in satisfying the curiosity and quest of those searching for rare insight on diverse issues of life. This is a renaissance in the making. This is a must-read! Grab your copy!
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