How to Learn English Quickly 6: (Adult) English in Context Book

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How to Learn English Quickly 6: (Adult) English in Context Details

The first request made by students is 'Dear Teacher, how can I learn English quickly? Please write a story using English in context.' Thus, Book 6 in the series has evolved. The story tells of two university students who want to travel in order to extend their studies. One student is British and passes on tips to his close friend from Spain. She wants to pass English entrance tests, such as IELTS. The warmth of their adult romance blossoms and they arrange to meet in Crete every July. Naturally, through their intimate conversations and explorations these lovers exchange notes using: * Every verb tense, past, present and future, the passive and the conditional. * An extremely wide range of vocabulary and phrasal verbs and modal verbs. * Experience of cultures, beauty and the right thing to do using modal verbs. * Specific tips for IELTS students who wish to study abroad. * Keep It Simple Senorita.
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