Glorious Liberty of the Sons of God

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Until liberty is given, we shall be in a comatose or morbid condition and spiritually dead like Lazarus; it will take the authorization of the Lord to lose us from spiritually dead position and the three realms where we were in bondage and held captive, just like Lazarus was bound hand, feet and face. Jesus has declared freedom upon us. Our head and eyes which are liberated stand for godly reasoning and vision, hand that was loosed stands for freedom to work and be productive; making it in your chosen vocation and being prosperous physically and spiritually. Foot that was padlocked and free stands for being liberated from stagnation and empowered to progress. Bondages should not stay in the arena where one has been declared as a son of God because the power of sonship and the anointing destroys every negative power that use to harass and intimidate when one was in slavery and servitude
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