Fodors CITYGUIDE New York: Your Source in the City Book

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Fodor's CITYGUIDE New York: Your Source in the City Details

Written by local experts and critics, Fodor's CITYGUIDE is the ultimate resident's guide to the city. For newcomers and suburbanites, it's a shortcut to knowing the city like a native. And, for urban know-it-alls, it's the perfect desktop reference and may even point out a few secrets you haven't uncovered yet! Everyone will appreciate the comprehensive coverage, dead-on reviews, and the atlas of full-color maps.


All the places and pleasures. From favorite sights to offbeat attractions, from day spas to bike rentals, from walking tours to unusual views, Fodor's CITYGUIDE New York is loaded with bright ideas.

Hundreds of restaurants. James Beard Foundation dining guru Mitchell Davis and New York Observer restaurant critic Moira Hodgson share their secrets: landmarks, trendsetters, and cozy neighborhood spots in all price categories.

1,250 shops. Our personal shoppers cover more shops than any shopping guide, revealing the best and the latest in every category--if it's sold in the city, we cover it.

Basics and beyond. Entertainment hot lines and lost & found offices, cooking schools and carriage rentals--they're all inside.

Great color maps of every neighborhood. Every Manhattan street is labeled. And every shop, restaurant, and sight in the book is keyed to the maps.

No New York bookshelf is complete without Fodor 's CITYGUIDE New York!
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