Finding Balance in the Circus of Life

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Finding Balance in the Circus of Life Details

We all perform as part of life's circus. What circus character are you emulating? Are you the controlling ringmaster, the people-pleasing go-fer, or the adventure-seeking lion tamer? Or, maybe you're one of the other six characters many of us imitate.

Learn the five needs that motivate our choices in life, and uncover how they play a part in your circus performance. Is it possible you're in the wrong act as you try to meet these needs?

Allow the secrets of the tightrope walker to provide the way of balance in the circus of life. Discover the decisions and practices that will provide more balance to your days as you learn to live more intentionally. Identify your unique God-given shape that allows you to prioritize and even say, "No." Learn why rest is a vital part of a balanced life, and how to focus on what matters.

You are a unique person and your life can be lived with joy, purpose and, yes, even balance as you live out the principles that keep the tightrope walker up on the wire.

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