Eskrima Street Defense: Practical Techniques for Dangerous Situations

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Eskrima Street Defense: Practical Techniques for Dangerous Situations Details

The only trouble with Filipino martial arts' worldwide popularity is commercialism. Too often clubs water-down or pad curriculums, trying to please students but also dangerously blurring the original arts' intended uses. When applying Eskrima for street defense-as opposed to physical training or sport competition-simplicity is the key to survival. Eskrima Street Defense exposes all the gritty basics which reliably counter sudden violence in public places. To ensure you can prevail against armed and unarmed assailants and multiple attackers, Bong Abenir reveals dozens of practical self-defense techniques in six major categories - Hand vs. Hand, Hand vs. Knife, Hand vs. Bolo, Knife vs. Knife, Bolo vs. Bolo, and Improvised Weapons. Starting with easy ways to stay aware of your surroundings in areas where attacks commonly occur, these proven fighting techniques are backed up with guiding principles necessary for success, as well as detailed explanations of the body's most vulnerable striking points, and specific rules for common-sense self-defense.
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