Discover and Recover in Times Like This: Inspirational Bible Quotes and Prevailing Promises of an Unfailing God

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Discover and Recover in Times Like This: Inspirational Bible Quotes and Prevailing Promises of an Unfailing God Details

Success or freedom in life starts from knowing what to do and when to do that. The knowledge of the right word of God to apply to a situation and at the right time guarantees freedom and breakthrough away from things that tether efforts to fail, and liberate from fetters of fear.Surely, we have a caring and unfailing God who answers us when we call upon Him; he does His Will in us when it pleases Him, and at appropriate times.It took Joseph between thirteen and seventeen years to get out of wandering, slavery and imprisonment and eventually becoming relevant; Jacob remained in the house of Laban for about twenty year, and under the control of this wicked man before he got settled; whilst it took about forty years for Moses to receive commission to lead Israelites out of Egypt. The same God brought Sarah out of twenty five years of barrenness, and led Israelites out of Egypt after about four hundred and thirty years! He delivered Daniel from hungry lions; and the trio of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego out of burning fiery furnace. And it was He who eventually let Job out of the cage of devil, and Peter out of Herods prison: and took Paul out of a Philippians jail using earthquake.Gods intervention in the affairs of men knows no bound. There have been countless miracles from time as God liberated and still liberates people from various shackles which an evil world fastened. He gives us grace, He shows us mercy, He grants us favours to live and prosper nonetheless the plots of evil ones. It was He who changed the name of Jabez, answered the barren Hannah at Shiloh, changed the status of Mordecai; elevated the level of the despised harlot, Rehab, to live a purposeful life. God it was who remembers the orphan slave, Esther, to make her a celebrity. Prissily, Deborah, Ruth and a host of others who were either written off or despised found favours in the eyes of the Lord to represent the direction of History of their locality or nations.God remembered Rebecca, Rachel and Elizabeth to deliver. And as it was in the beginning, so has it been, and so shall it be forever.I, personally, have severally seen the goodness of the Lord, His mercy and compassion.My trust in God is the reason why I still live. So, whether you are in prison or facing some challenges, the Lord is good all the times; whether you are in a labour room or praying for a child, know it very well that the Lord is ever with you. You may not have anything in your pocket now, but be sure God has never forsaken you. You may be on a sick bed right now; but beside you, to cheer up, is our God. He surely knows all our troubles or problems; and will intervene at the right time.Therefore, at all times, remain positive, confess positive, pray well, and play your parts in your pursuits. And may I say it is well with your soul, as you read through these wonderful verses. Indeed, the word of God works for only those who trust in Him; only those who keep His laws.We all know we are in a wicked world of wailing, but we must be patient and courageous; we must be friendly and positive in talk and thought; we must ever pray and believe in God.We must get inspired and associate with inspiring people; we must aspire for knowledge and follow the way of wisdom; have dreams and remain diligent.And it is, surely, good to be source of resources in things of God; and to dwell and delight in being nice to fellow man nevertheless colour, creed or caste; yes, mindless religion, region or race!In all things and times, one must be ever appreciative so that things will appreciate in value in his direction..Different Bible versions have been used in this compilation, but the message, of course, remains undiluted.
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