Different by Design: Marriage: A Joyful Union of Opposites Book

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To say that marriage is today facing unprecedented crises is to be guilty of a chronic understatement. Soaring divorce rates have been fuelled by inadequate preparation for marriage, ignorance about its purpose, premarital sex, and counterfeit incarnations like polygamy, polyandry, and cohabitation. Additionally, economic pressures, increasing global amorality, and the determination to redefine marriage are further sounding the death knell for marriage. The good news is that there is nothing new under the sun, and this institution, which has survived every onslaught in every community across every age, will continue to do so. The purpose of this book is to heal marriages in this generation and, more significantly, equip the next generation to approach, prepare for, and conduct marriage as God intended. In this candid, practical, Bible-inspired treatise, you will discover the following: The purpose of marriage and lessons from the first marriage How clearly defined roles determine your marriage's success and insulate you from the scourge of unmet expectations A spiritual and practical checklist for picking the right spouse in the first place Three critical principles of communication Learning to fight properly by mastering conflict resolution techniques How not to make outlaws of your in-laws and parents -I can't live without you!--myth or fact? If sex can be good and at the same time godly; also, what is sexually permissible for a Christian couple What happens when the initial attraction fades or love dies What to do when your spouse is attracted to or involved with an external party The key to raising godly offspring The pervading theme from which the book derives its title is that men and women are different by design. Marriages totter and collapse because spouses do not realise this divine inbuilt design imperative to the success of their connubial experience. Enjoy discovering the truth this book exposes you to and the liberty it engenders in your marital walk.
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