Dielkistinda Tug-of-war Book

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Dielkinstinda is well known as tug-of-war and was athletic in Olympic games. Also is a preparation for Pagration and Pammachon and is described in this unique research of Gregory Zorzos from the ancient times until today. The one part of Pammachon is known in many names today such as: Pangkration, Pancraio, Paradosimos, Pankration, Pancratium, Pangratius, Pankration, Pancrace, Pankratos, Pancrazio, Pagration, Pangration, Sanda etc. Research includes many ancient scripts from ancient texts from many countries and many archeological items from many places. The analysis proved that all modern martial arts of the world have their roots from the ancient Hellas. Some parts of Pankration consists today's martial arts such as Grabble Submission, tug-of-war, sumo, kickboxing etc. and the author has wrote some specific books on this parts of Pankration. Tug-of war is the fighter that prepare himself for fighting in ancient Greek times.
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