Customized Learning: Putting Students in Charge of Their Own Learning Book

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Humans learn what engages them, what interests them, what they find useful and relevant to their own lives. Much of conventional K-12 education operates as if the best way for students to learn is for a teacher to "insert" or "pour" information "into" them, as-if they were a blank slate, or a container to be filled. These methods seek to standardize minds, mandating tests filled with multiple-choice and other "one right answer" questions which require conformist thinking, rote memorization, and generally do not invoke any sort of creative or critical thinking. This approach does not inspire learning, nor allow for any but the most stilted, detached, resistant attitude and experience among students. Though individual, excellent teachers can "get through" to students despite this, the system itself, its emphasis and approach, makes authentic, engaged learning difficult at best for many students in conventional schools. Learning is natural for humans. When engaged, all people, of all ages, are excited to learn. We are Learners by nature, and our capacity is nearly limitless, given the right environment, encouragement, and FREEDOM TO LEARN. Customized Learning is an approach that provides just such a learning environment, and encourages limitless, engaged learning in students of all ages. This short book provides a full summary of the approach and educational philosophy underlying Customized Learning. It has been developed by Zack Lehtinen, a career-long teacher deeply committed to educational transformation-- for our kids' sake.
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