Butterfly Pa Kua Chang: Volume 2 (Butterfly Kung Fu) Book

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Butterfly Pa Kua Chang: Volume 2 (Butterfly Kung Fu) Details

This is the training manual from the original Monster Martial Art course! You are urged to get the accompanying video. Pa Kua Chang (Eight Trigrams Palm Manuevers) is considered one of the three 'internal sisters' of the martial arts. It creates good health, a long life, and some of the best self defense moves in the world. Butterfly Pa Kua Chang is the matrixing of that art, which is to say that the art has become logical and scientifically correct. The unfortunate truth is that the simple concepts inherent in Pa Kua Chang have become somewhat akin to a Chinese fire drill. It has become an immense labyrinth of twining motions that is difficult to learn, to remember, and especially to apply (in a fight). With this course that all ends. The student is taken step by gradient step through the labyrinth, with the concepts becoming clearer and clearer, and easier and easier to apply. Students will be astounded at how quickly and thoroughly they can learn this unique and important style of self defense. The student is encouraged to avail himself or herself of the first book in this series, 'The Shaolin Butterfly.' About the author: Al Case entered his first dojo in 1967. He lived through the Golden Age of Martial Arts, studying such arts as Kenpo, Karate, Wing Chun, Aikido, Northern Shaolin Ton Toi, Southern Shaolin Fut Ga, and Pa Kua Chang. He became a writer for the magazines in 1981, and had his own column in Inside Karate. He is the originator of Matring Technology and Neutronic Philosophy. His website is MonsterMartialArts(dot)com.
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