Brigham Young and the priesthood ban: The lineage criterion Book

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Brigham Young and the priesthood ban: The lineage criterion Details

New perspectives about the ban. One of the most striking and most debated topics in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been the priesthood ban applied to black people, a wrong term which misleads one to believe in a racial discrimination which would have originated in the so-called racist theories of the 17th and 18th centuries. The official position of the Church today is reported in the article Race and the Priesthood, in which no mistake is acknowledged. Church leaders only say that they do not know the reason for the ban. The author refutes the accusations of racism. He explores the lineage criterion mentioned by Brigham Young through the Scriptures and ancient texts. Personal note: Before I begin to write, I read about an hundred studies on the subject. I have read all the statements of the church leaders, all the studies of the lds scholars. Unfortunately, all of them are bogged down in the imbroglio of racism. None of them quote Nehemiah 7: 64 who refused the Levites the right to officiate in the priesthood if they did not bring proof of their lineage. The only way to understand this is to read everything that has been written about priesthood detention in the past centuries long before Western racism was born. No lds scholar does that. You cannot find any other lds study referring to Levi's Aramaic document found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Book of Tobit, Rashi, Ezdras and Nehemiah. The book is based on ancient texts. The book of Mormon was criticized for containing phrases from William Shakespeare. The lds scholars are going beyond to show that these same turns of phrase are found in ancient texts contemporary with the Book of Mormon. I have only applied the same method. Skin color is not the reason of the ban. Look at the skin color of the Dravidians of India, the Melanesians of New Caledonia, the Aborigines of Australia. They have never been denied a priesthood. My book speak about the origin and basis of racism and the origin and foundation of the priesthood ban on lineage. Write me if you have questions.
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