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Stage door Plays Books Price List on May, 2020

Stage door Plays Books List Latest Price
William Congreve - The Way of the World Rs. 870
John Dryden - The Spanish Friar: Or, the Double Discovery Rs. 929
George Farquhar - The Inconstant: Those Who Know the Least Obey the Best. Rs. 870
Hannah More - Percy: "In grief we know the worst of what we feel, But who can tell the end of what we fear?" Rs. 870
August Strindberg - The Red Room: "there Are Poisons That Blind You, and Poisons That Open Your Eyes." Rs. 1,173
Thomas Otway - Don Carlos, Prince of Spain: "Let us embrace, and from this very moment vow an eternal misery together." Rs. 870
Thomas Middleton - The Phoenix Rs. 870
John Galsworthy - The Foundations: "The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy." Rs. 870
Ben Johnson - Eastward Hoe: "Good Men Are the Stars, the Planets of the Ages Wherein They Live, and Illustrate the Times." Rs. 1,128
Arthur Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes - A Drama in 4 Acts: When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Rs. 870
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