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Best Education Books List (2019)

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Lap lambert academic publishing Education Books Price List on June, 2019

Lap lambert academic publishing Education Books List Updated Price List
Contrastive Analysis of Hedges: in English & Persian Linguistics Article Rs. 8,040
Rs. 5,795
Language Learning Strategies: in Learning EAP and EOP among Male and Female Learners Rs. 5,067
The Role of C.R.E in Transmitting moral values among students Rs. 6,939
: Rs. 8,395
Factors that cause Foreign Language Anxiety to Secondary Students Rs. 5,067
Students' International Mobility and It's Problems (Georgian Case) Rs. 6,627
Criminality against girl-child education in Northern Nigeria Rs. 6,442
The model of career guidance for persons with special needs Rs. 4,755
Rs. 5,691
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