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Best Education Books List (2019)

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Addison wesley publishing company Education Books Price List on August, 2019

Addison wesley publishing company Education Books List Updated Price List
Principles of Criminal Law& Casebook Pkg Rs. 12,607
Psychology& Grade Aid Workbk W/Prac Tsts Pk Rs. 17,062
Readg Rhetorically Brief Edtn& Style& McL2 Pk Rs. 6,849
Abnorml Psy& Mypsylab Acc Card& Case Studies Rs. 18,447
Longman Reader Brief& Little Brown Hb Writr Rs. 10,309
Coll Alg& Digitl VID Tut& Mathxl& Tutr CT Pkg Rs. 17,582
Socl Work Services in Sch& Fear in Eyes Pkg Rs. 12,997
Society in Focus: Intro Socio& Pros& Cons Pk Rs. 13,429
Readrs Handbk& Intractv GD& Newswk Sub& DIC Pk Rs. 11,962
Little Lit: Readg& Rsrch Writg Simp& Mylitlab Rs. 9,503
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