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The "Beijing Complete public transport guide" specifically designed for all English-speaking tourists and visitors to Beijing. This guide will enable you to get around Beijing with confidence and ease. The guide will save you lots of time and money. It was designed as a way to help you find the information you need quickly. Beijing is a huge metropolis. Most of its people do not understand a word of English. In addition, when you finally find English speakers they seldom have the information you need to get to your destination. Taxi drivers often do not understand English. They often refuse driving long distances or take you to the 'general destination' only, which may be several kilometers away. Traffic jams are very common and taking a taxi can prove to be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Beijing's extensive public transport system, including buses and subways, offers the most cost effective and efficient way to travel. The "Beijing Complete public transport guide" has extensive information on Beijing's public transport system - including details of over 22,000 bus and subway stations. The guide has detailed information sorted by * Time tables * Bus & Subway routes * A full list of bus stops, sorted in both English - Chinese and Chinese - English * A full list of popular destinations (such as major tourist attractions, markets, museums, temples, universities, hospitals, parks) and how to get there using public transport. * Most popular and highly appraised hostels The guide includes both English and Chinese names and characters throughout. This will enable any non-English speaking Chinese to help you. Just point the right spot in the guide. If you have any comments or requests please contact us on We trust you find this guide very simple, useful, and comprehensive
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