Be Not Afraid: Courage for the Modern World

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Be Not Afraid: Courage for the Modern World Details

This book is based on more than 365 references in the Bible to fear, dread, and that in fact our God encourages us to BE NOT AFRAID. To do this we must be in the presence of our Lord and talk to Him. I recommend you develop the habit of spending 10-15 minutes a day with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel or if that is not available some other quiet place where you can be in the presence of our Lord. Read the daily entry and reflect on it asking our Lord and His mother to talk to your heart and reveal to you the will of the Father and then Do it.The layout of this book is to list and reflect on the first books of the bible Genesis through Wisdom. Some of the verses that deal with fear from these books of the bible will have some of my reflections from my blog www, Thanksgiving for the season of Advent and Christmas this work uses a multitude of references that reflect the Christmas season. It is my intention to continue with the other books of the bible with the 2017 version of Be Not Afraid, Courage for the modern World. There are many theologians who state that the eighth deadly sin is fear itself. It is fear and its natural animal reaction to fight or flight that is the root cause of our failings to create a Kingdom of God on earth. Saint John Paul II in his writings and talks also tells us to BE NOT AFRAID.In fear or anger we walk away from God. Our Lord, Jesus Christ taught us how to walk back toward God in His sermon on the mount through the Beatitudes. Each of the beatitudes is the antidote for the opposite deadly sins.Our Lord taught us to:Be not Fearful but to have faith, and be of good courage.Be not Prideful but be MEEK; not assuming and inherit the earth.Be not Envious but be a COMFORT to your neighbor.Be not Slothful but HUNGER & THRIST FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS.Be not Angry but be patient and be a PEACEMAKER.Be not Greedy but be MERCIFUL and show generosity.Be not Gluttonous but be POOR IN SPIRIT; be a sacrifice for others.Be not Lustful but be PURE OF HEART; your heart is for God alone.
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