Asian Art: In the Art Institute of Chicago

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For more than seventy years, The Art Institute of Chicago has stewarded one of the most remarkable assemblages of East Asian art in the United States. Renowned collections of ancient Chinese bronzes and jades, Japanese woodblock prints and early Buddhist paintings, and Chinese and Korean ceramics all contain masterpieces that exemplify the peak of these venerable, sophisticated art forms. Scroll and screen paintings, stone sculpture, and metal-work illuminate other facets of the cultures of China, Korea, and Japan.
In offering some eighty works of art to serve as a centerpiece of this outstanding collection, this volume focuses on brilliant points within a vast and varied cultural landscape. The authors follow routes of inquiry suggested by areas of particular depth or by single works of eminent quality.
A clay armored-guardian figure reveals the luxury of the tombs of Tang-dynasty aristocrats; a host of devotional images convey a range of religious expression, from the divine compassion and worldly elegance of Chinese Buddhist sculptures to the stern intensity in the painted visages of Japanese Zen patriarchs; and woodblock prints by revered Japanese masters provide glimpses into the tea houses and theaters of the Yoshiwara - the pleasure district of old Edo - celebrating its most popular actors and esteemed beauties.
In elucidating the contexts and aesthetic qualities of these works, the authors relate recent discoveries, retell ancient stories, and help us to see objects of enduring beauty from fresh perspectives.
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