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Some things might seem difficult to cover. My main aim is to stick to the important topic, to get the message through to everyone. I find the stuff being taught in the name of religion to be a waste of time. Many students are learning things that have to be 'unlearned' at a later date. For example, students would need to unlearn the false, in order to take up a logical study of science. Students would need to unlearn the false, in order to just live a quiet and peaceful life (after their education is complete). And worst of all, students would need to 'unlearn' the false in order to have any chance of understanding their instruction book. Present-day thoughts are often the result of long-held views (which is the very thing that needs to be cleared up). Matters concerning evolution and the work of Charles Darwin are not widely covered in this book. What is covered is an instruction book and how that book interacts with some of the views of science and opposes false religion. Matters concerning the science of Charles Darwin will be covered in a second book, with the title Off the Hook. I recognised at an early age that there was something unique about the instruction book from my own experience during my school years. I was challenged to go look it up. So I toddled off with a scrap of paper, having a chapter name and some directions. I dusted off an old family book and began to flick through it, looking for an exact chapter and verse (to see what was really there). Then I heard others heading towards the room. I quickly turned the book over and sat a magazine on top. It seems I didn't want anyone to see me reading that book. When I thought about it later, it seemed quite strange. Why was that one book so different from any other? If I had been reading any other book that day-say, a history book or a book of genealogy or even a novel-I wouldn't have felt any stigma whatsoever. I realised that people like me were actually forbidding themselves from reading it. I began to wonder what kind of silent force was at work (inside my head) to make me feel that way. And why was it only that book. The following statement is repeated at the end of the book. My final comment is very plain and clear: there is no wriggle room at all. So before I go there, I'd like to take the time to cover my own credentials. What right do I have to read and understand the instruction book? Or what sort of person would qualify as a candidate for reading and understanding the truth? For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself. (Gal. 6:3) For whoever exalts himself shall be abased; and he that humbles himself shall be exalted. (Luke 14:11) Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seems to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. (1 Cor. 3:18) My first full-time job was with Telecom Australia, known as postmaster, generals department. (I came sixth in the state in the entrance exam.) I didn't get that job, yet I have been hounded all my life to go out and get a real job. The reasons for not getting my first job are simple and straightforward (just like me). This is how my doctor's certificate reads, and these are the reasons why an Australian Government department rejected me as a fellow human being. And yes, they are still hounding me to get a job--to this day. -He has defective vision. -He is underweight for his age (poor physique). -He has a history of asthma. So you see, I am foolish and weak. I am a simpleton and a blockhead. And there are plenty of folks in my local area who can back that up!
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