Appointed by God: Select Eclectic Thoughts from the Heart Book

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This devotional contains short stories, thoughts, letters and notes that reflect my love and devotion for and to our great God. These words were penned directly from my heart. He has pulled the curtains back and allowed you, the readers, to see into my very soul. While considering the information contained in this book, I asked God this question: "With this particular devotional Lord you are actually allowing the readers to see my heart, how come? Shouldn't it be more of your heart that they see?" And this thought occurred to me: "The Psalms show the heart of David not the heart of God although they direct you back to our great God. They reflect his good times, praises for our God and his sinful times where he poured out his heart before God in repentance. They include his times of going through and some of his darkest days. He wrote of his times of running and hiding from Saul, he wrote of his weak moments, he wrote of his struggles, he wrote of his joys, triumphs and victories. He wrote when his faith was weak, he wrote when his faith was strong he just wrote from his heart. The Psalms really reflect the love, honor, respect, and faithfulness for God that was in David's heart. He wrote about what he was experiencing at the time from his love for God. He poured his heart, his love for God into his writings even when he was going through trials. The heart of David is in the Psalms that he wrote although inspired by our great God. David truly was a man after God's own heart... through David's heart in his writing's you CAN see and experience the heart of God." King David, thank you for showing us God's heart through yours... I pray as you read and experience the words contained herein, that you can feel and sense the heart of God through these pages.
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