After the Leap: Growing in Christ : the Basics of Discipleship

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After the Leap: Growing in Christ : the Basics of Discipleship Details

Although you're a Christian, do you really understand the basics? Could you explain the following to a friend?

Exactly who is God and what does He want from me?
What does it mean to have a "personal relationship" with Christ?
Who is the Holy Spirit and how does He communicate with me?
Why is it critical to forgive those who've sinned against me?
Why is it so important to study the Bible?
What is the purpose of prayer? Is there a "correct" way to pray?
Why do I need to spend time in worship with other believers?
What exactly is spiritual warfare?
What are the tools I have as a Christian to overcome temptation and adversity?

In After the Leap, Carol Vance answers these questions and many more, explaining just what it means to be "born again"and precisely what God requires of those who've taken the leap into a new life with Christ. After the Leap provides clarity and encouaragement to anyone seeking to grow in the Christian faith.

"A great theologian once said that the most important task of the Christian is to be able to communicate the Gospel to children. What he meant was that it should be simple, direct, truthful, and easily understood. That is a wonderful description of this clear, teachable, and easily read book on the tenets of the Christian life by my good friend Carol Vance."
- Chuck Colson

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