Advanced Baton Training

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This is not just a book, it is actually a four hour course designed to have you develop a better understanding, and working knowledge of the expandable baton and fixed baton techniques. It will allow you to go beyond the simple basics that you were taught at the beginning of your law enforcement career. As a course it will show you how the Expandable Baton and Fixed Baton go from a simple impact weapon, which is what officers have been taught for many years, to a high-end tactical weapon, and as a book it will give you something you will be able to go back to for a reference on the techniques that are being used. It will show blocks and strikes, strategically placed, so as to allow follow-up moves, take downs, and submissions to immobilize an attacker. This course will, also, allow you to develop muscle memory in the simple blocking and striking drills. These drills will allow you to become more familiar with your expandable baton or fixed baton and make you confident in their use. I hope to give you more tools in this baton course than in any other baton course offered anywhere.
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