A Terrifying Bike Ride and a Clue to the Missing Girl Book

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A Terrifying Bike Ride and a Clue to the Missing Girl Details

A story of intrigue, an unsolved mystery, a warning ignored--draws the reader into the lives of Becca Nelson and Leigh Wilcox, who stumble into the center of a dark plot.

Is Think Tank Axis #1 an undercover organization bent on controlling the minds of teens? Do the points in the survey questions start them down a path of doubting their family life? Becca Nelson surmises this as fact. She confides her suspicion to Logan who listens, but is not alarmed.

Do your parents give you choices on everyday decisions?

Is the culture of your parents old fashioned and irrelevant to teens of today?

Do you believe your parents are fair to you?

Would you like to plan your future without other's opinions?

Do you tell your parents everything?

I have to keep myself out of trouble. I don't have a dad to defend me, one that will always take my side. And Mom wouldn't know what to do if she had to get me out of trouble. I can't waste my time on trying to be popular. I discarded that goal long ago. I saw what happens to those kids whose friends didn't know the definition of loyalty. Popularity is like a swinging door, in one day, out the next. Too many tears and heartbreaks for those once-upon-a-time popular kids.

On their bike ride, the girls capture an injured magpie and nurse him back to health, eventually releasing him back to the wild, not realizing they would meet again.

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