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Readers understand and appreciate the popularity of shopping for books online. Gone are the days when readers had to search market after market to buy a piece of literature. Now all they have to do is search the name of any bestseller online, and voila it’s right in front of their eyes ready to be ordered. Explore the world of reading and dive into the fiction of your choice.

Explore a wide range of literature works, and buy classics fictions in hard copy or e-books in Kindle versions. Buy anything from business to computing, religion to politics, murder-mystery to Romance Books online, etc. Search for different books price online using the comparison filters on our site.

Books of All Genres and Categories

  • Actions & Adventure - Add a pinch of thrill in your life, and read about different war legends and assassins from the action and adventure books on our site.
  • Arts, Film & Photography - Ignite the fading artist within your soul and read about stuff that really matters of you. We have collection of masterpieces from renowned authors, and publications of various genres like Architecture, cinema, design, dance, fashion, painting, theatre, music, history and sculpture etc.

  • Biographies, Diaries & True Accounts - Want to get inspired, then just browse through our Biographies section, and read about the life and struggle of your idols. You can find biographies of people from all walks of life on our site.

  • Business & Economics - Get business tips from experts and insiders, using their guide to success. Explore new opportunities by acquainted with the Industries & Business Sectors, Economic, Business Self Help or detailed studies on Business, Strategy & Management.
  • Children & Young Adults - Don’t worry, and just use our collection and you will have a goodnight story to tell your precious kid every night. And if you are kid, who is scrolling through website, we advise you to compare these stories based on your favorite genre of action, comic, funny or thriller. So, that your grandparents can recite one every day till you go to sleep.

  • Comics & Graphic Novels - What better way to attract kids towards text publications, then with visual graphics. Use the art of manipulation and the next your kid turns on the TV to watch a cartoon, hand him a superhero comic and you will never have worry about his eyes again. We have comic collection for both kids and adults, so say hi to Spiderman or Deadpool.

  • Computing, Internet & Digital Media - Become a Computing or Digital Media expert, by studying the subject on your own. Knowledge can be fed anywhere anytime; you just need to be hungry for it. Learn by reading everything from Computer or Video Games tricks, Database, Graphic Design, Internet, Hardware, Operating systems or Software & Business Applications. 
  • Crafts, Home & Lifestyle - Manage everything in your home from, décor to gardening or become a pet expert or a perfect host, by implementing these tips that you can read from the printed works of some the most popular social butterflies in the world.

  • Crime, Thriller & Mystery - Add a little Agatha Christie in your life and make your life a little more exciting and mysterious.

  • Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction - Do you like to feel spooky and futuristic at the same time, then explore this category for some amazing High tech Sci-Fi collection.

  • Health, Family & Personal Development - Preach serenity, by keeping your body, mind and spirit aligned and at peace by attaining the knowledge from print material and research theories on Healthy Living, Wellness, Relationships and Personal development.  

  • Historical Fiction - Are you a fan of exaggerated historical, with impossible realities than this section is definitely for you.

  • History - Explore the Indian or other cultures around the world, by reading a descriptive portrayal of that era and time.

  • Humor - Give yourself a treat of laughter by reading smart humorous publications filled with wit and absurdity.

  • Language, Linguistics & Writing - Online market has become a paradise for literature students. They can get everything from literary publications on linguistics, Teaching, Writing or Rhetoric to dictionaries.

  • Law - Learn everything about law, and rules and regulation revolving around it, using some must-read law textbook, which will take you on legal journey to the court room.

  • Literature & Fiction - Get spoilt by the reading options in your leisure time as we offer everything from plays, to poem, myths to fictions.

  • Politics - Gain a better understanding of Indian politics and the government, by studying the constitution using a magnifying glass of detailed research and assessment of different political ideologies.

  • Reference - Fill your head, with small doses of interesting facts and data, read a reference text a day and take your general knowledge to another place.

  • Religion Books Price List in India - Go on a religious journey and explore your or other religions around the world, while discovering their theology and philosophy.

  • Romance Books Online - Live your romantic fantasy, reading the words of some of the most popular lovers in the world, from Romeo Juliet to Christian and Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey.

  • Science, Technology and Medicine - Learn everything about human body and your surroundings.  Gain basic understanding of how our planet works.

  • Society & Social Science - Discover educational structures of different subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Society and Culture and create your own perception on social welfare and services.

  • Sports - Is your kid developing an interest in a new sport, or you are planning on learning a new sport. Learn theoretical fact and technicality of any sports using the text resources available online.

  • Textbooks - We serve the requirements of all customers; we provide texts for school and college students as well as professional, to learn new about new technologies in the world. 

  • Travel Guides Online - Spark the wanderlust hidden beneath your soul, and get inspired to travel the world by dive your head in Travel guides online, and explore exciting daily travel writings, Holiday guides, illustrations and travel maps which will force you travel that place.

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