Winner of The #ShareTheBond Contest

To continue our beautiful tradition of celebrating every festival, this year also we conducted the #ShareTheBond contest on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.We asked our users and followers to share their wonderful memories of childhood and siblinghood which they will cherish forever. The stories we received were nothing but amazingly awesome. Every story was the true reflection of love which can be found only in siblings. Lots of people shared their funny yet lovely stories and our whole team which was reading and evaluating each and every story, burst into laughter. If we could, we would have made everyone the winner but there can be only one winner of the #ShareTheBond contest. And our winner is Esha Soni from Lucknow. Here is her story in her own words:

#RakshaBandhan#ShareTheBond I still remember when we were small…I asked my brother to get me a gift n since he being 5 younger to me ran towards d dad n said ” papa didi ko kya gift de”
I smiled n hugged me n said ” na baby dii mazak krri ti
But in d evening i saw a box full of sweets n a note of Rs. 100 which was with him n he said ye apka gift…
I was in tears

I asked him ye kha se lae
Toh vo bola…. Ye mama ne mumy ko dia ta toh maine voi utha kr apko dedia..
I was soo much into tears just bez i saw that love in 8year old child…i just pray to mata rani to give him success n happiness.

He is my chota packet with lots of dhaammal😘

Thank You, Esha for your participation and hearty congratulations from team IndiaShopps. We are so glad to see the lovely bond between you and your brother. We are glad that we could become the medium to share your lovely story to the world.

Team IndiaShopps wishes you and your brother a very happy and peaceful life ahead.

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