What’s Next in Ticketing ?


We have seen the myriad innovation in travel and tourism. Right from simple vacations to exotic to theme based vacations. Earlier people use to just choose some close by hill station for few days as their family holidays. Say if you are in North India then you would choose from Himachal, J&K to Uttranchal in summers and Rajasthan in Winters. Same is the case for Southern part of India. People out there use to choose nearby hill stations or some beach cities like Vizag or Kerala for holidays.

Now, gone are those days. Everyone wants an exotic location like Swiss Holiday to US or Australian Holidays. With the tons of competitions helping in driving the pricing down and tons of choices available it’s easy to get a lifetime of an experience with affordable prices.

However, if you see the traditional tickets are still the old fashioned. No matter if you booking nearby hill station or a trip across the world, you would still get an email-based Ticket Itinerary with an attached pdf.

Our group company Felix Solutions have changed the old fashioned tickets to personalized video tickets. When you book a simple Flight ticket, you will not only get an email, you might also get a personalized video ticket which will have your name and flight details with some other important pieces of information.

Users across the industry have started liking the new age ticketing way of personalized video tickets. This is next in ticketing. Once a person gets the video of his or her ticket he has the choices to forward the same to his friends and family or can share his upcoming trip on Social media.

Beyond the personalized video tickets, Felix has also mastered in creating personalized Video Itineraries. These are the detailed personalized videos which showcase the day wise trip of what one has booked. For example, if you have booked 5 days / 4 nights Dubai trip. The Video Itinerary will have all the details right from the Onward flight numbers, Airport details, Day-wise sightseeing, Hotel information etc. The video will also have real pictures of all the sightseeing places, it feels like visiting the place and getting to know what to expect.

Again this can be shared with friends and family and on Social Media. After all its all about showing off.

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