Ways to Boost Your Smartphone Photography

An expensive camera or a good technique what is more important to take the great photographs? Most of us believe that it’s a camera that gets you desired shots, but it is more than the device’s specification or features. In order to take abundant pictures, one needs to have a good understanding of light! An eye for a subject! A familiarity with photographic depth.

No matter which camera or mobile phone you have, here are few tips to enrich your smartphone photography skills.

Know the lighting

Lighting is one of the important factors to create a successful image. Before clicking any picture, understand in which direction the light comes from and how much your subject needs it. Even, it is said that photography is nothing but all about light. As the light is considered the soul of photography, ensure there is adequate light on your subject rather than the background.

Use the Rule-of-Thirds

No matter, whether you are clicking images with your DSLR camera or with a smartphone, the rule-of-thirds is a fundamental principle to create the images that are pleasing to eyes. This technique formulates more than one point in your image by simply enabling gridlines. By using the rule-of-thirds technique, you can tell a story in a much efficient way.

Hold a Camera Steady

To minimize the camera shake, you should know how to hold your camera or smartphone in a right way. You should hold the smartphone closer to your body as extending your arms can exaggerate your camera shake. And, if you are using a digital SLR camera, make sure you use a tripod to minimize camera shake and create the shoot-sharper images.

Get Close to the Subject

Instead of zoom-in, it is better to get close enough to your subject. As the smartphones do not come with an optical zoom lens facility, they can crop or destroy your image if the zoom-in functionality is being used.  So for a better quality image, it’s a big no-no to zooming while clicking the images with your smartphone.

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