Top Tech Websites Every Technology Enthusiast Should Know

Technology has become an integral part of our life and we can’t image a day without technology or gadgets like mobile phone, PC, laptop, TV, etc. By each passing day, a large number of technical products are introduced in the market. And, to be updated with the latest happenings in the tech world, one needs to follow the websites that provide the latest updates and news about the technology.

Here is a list of best tech news websites that helps you to stay ahead in the digital age:

Tech Chruch

Tech Crunch is one of the most popular websites that provide quick, relevant and appropriate information in regards to new technology and trends. The tech website is well known for reviewing new internet and technical products. According to ‘Tech Crunch,’ their networks of websites have crossed more than 12 million visitors.

The Next Web

‘The Next Web’ is a must-visit website for all those who are interested to know about the upcoming gadgets. The website provides technology news and latest happenings such as launch of software, games, gadgets, etc. ‘The Next Web’ claims that their website receives over 7 million visits monthly.


Gizmodo is another popular tech website that is well-known for providing the best information about gadgets. The website is also very popular for publishing about the latest tech trends and about different operating systems (OS) such as Android, iOS, and Windows. Also, the website is considered one of the best sources to find about the latest and upcoming gadget launches.


Wired is well known for providing in-depth technical news reports, including the latest trends in technology. Apart from tech, the website carries latest happenings about new gadgets, entertainment, science, business events, etc. If you want to be aware of the tech world, Wired is a must-visit website.


Cnet is one stop solution to get news and updates about gadgets, new launches, smartphone reviews, upcoming launches and a lot more. Apart from all these, the website also provides information about the smart home-appliances, electronic accessories, mobile applications, games, new software, etc. Cnet is one of the preferred tech websites for technology geeks.

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