So, you are looking to buy a new television. You enter a big electronics store ad find yourself staring in front of asynchronized wall of flashing monitors. All that does is muddle your brain with a sensory overload. We recommend that you focus on the features and reviews instead and get it delivered from any online store. When thinking of buying a new LED TV to hang from a wall as the centerpiece of a living room, many people just consider two factors: what the price is and how big the size is. For some buying a TV may never come down to more than that. But if you really want to get the best value for your money you should be aware of some factors before you pay the price for it.

Buying a television these days can be really confusing and overwhelming. You need to know a few things before you get hypnotized by the TV wall, or endless browser scrolling. More importantly, it is helpful to know the difference between marketing jargon and the few pieces of wisdom that will help you choose the TV that’s right for you. LED are common to find and may be the cheapest option. They’re energy efficient and usually have good color. For simple use, they’ll, get the job done. Here I have listed 3 things you should consider before buying a LED TV.

Size Matters
When you buy the TV two things can happen either, after you get your TV home it looks tiny on your wall, or you buy the biggest one you can afford and ignore the rest of the features; both path resulting in your regret. Getting the right size can be tricky. It might help to measure in advance and even tape a rectangle on the wall to make sure your choice is not too big for the room. Choosing the right size will also depend on how far away you are from viewing it. And also keep in mind that TV’s inch refers to the diagonal width of its screen and not to its horizontal width.

Having a Cinematic Experience
Once you have decided on the size and the display type, next you must decide on the picture resolution. It simply refers to the number of pixels that make the picture of the TV. The more the pixels the better the resolution and crisper the picture. Fewer pixels will give you grainy image. The image also depends on the content you are watching. 720p TVs are still available in the market but its outdated technology. The most popular and reliable choice is a 1080p, and the latest upgrade is a 4K TV or Ultra High Definition. It promises more realistic colors and a more cinematic experience at home.

The Hook Up
This is very important nowadays to select a TV which has enough inputs for all the things you’d like to connect to it. You must check the tech specs to be sure you have the inputs you need before purchase. If you have lot to connect look for 3 or more HDMI ports.

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