The Conception of Ink

Get inked! The term is giving rise to so many questions that are in mind. Where these trends come from? Is making tattoos on the skin beneficial? Are they improving the immune system? Are they the part of communication among spies? Are they helping in building a sense of confidence, and a lot more? All these questions definitely generate curiosity and we all want to know the reason behind this.

The tradition and culture of tattoos have been followed since the medieval times. The types of tattoos include traditional, realism, water color, tribal, new school, new tradition, Japanese, black work and so on. According to the books of ancient times, the ethic and belief of tattoos were different. It was believed that women tattooed their marks on the forearm to indicate the type of skill women possess. If the mark on the woman’s forearm indicates that she was a weaver that increases her status. She was considered as the best marriageable material. With the help of these marks women show their status in the society.


Most of the books, blogs or theories tell us about the negatives of tattoos. But everything has some positive aspects, so do the tattoos. When the people were unenlightened about the medicines, tattoos were the one that came to rescue. Earlier, the diseases were cured by making tattoos around the wrist and fingers. Also, if you make too many tattoos on your body the resistance power to fight with diseases like common cold gets increased.


Have you ever thought, how spies communicated when mobile phones were not there? In old times, spies tattooed themselves to give or receive the message. They communicate or pass the message by creating symbols or marks on their body. The symbol specifies their community, society, tribe or owner’s situation. You will be amazed to know that this practice is still in use.


Most of the people summarize their life in one quote based on any incident. It can be happiness, sadness, joy, surprise, disgust and many more. For most of them making tattoos on the body is the best way to preserve their memories. You can show your emotions by framing the moment in the form of tattoos.


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