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In the past few years, India has witnessed economic growth that has empowered an average middle-class family to afford a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Previously, air conditioners were considered as a mark of luxury but nowadays they have found a fair place in almost every middle-class household. In India when you are buying an AC the most important question that haunts you is what ton AC you should buy and whether it will be sufficient to cool your room. If this question is asked to any salesman then, they will try to sell a higher ton air-conditioner than is required to cool your room. Hence, we have decided to provide a detailed guide to our new and existing visitors that will help them buy a suitable AC.

Which air conditioner to buy?

Buying an air conditioner is a multiple step procedure. If they are not followed you may end up buying the wrong type or wrong model for yourself. Listed below are a few factors that you should conditioner before purchasing an AC:

  • Split or Window AC: A split conditioner has two units- external unit (ODU) and an internal unit (IDU) whereas a window air conditioner has all its units packed in cuboids shaped unit. If you prefer a hassle-free installation then, go for a split AC as it requires only a 3” point hole to connect an ODU and IDU through a pipe. On the other hand, a window AC requires a bigger opening than the AC itself to fit itself. Also, window ACs can cool an area less than 300sq.ft, whereas there is no such limit for a split conditioner.
  • Capacity requirements: The capacity of an air conditioner is another important factor to be considered before buying an AC. A rough estimate states that a 1 ton AC can effectively cool a room of 120-140 sqft; on the other hand, 1.5 Ton AC is required to cool an area of 150-180 sqft. A 2-ton cooling capacity air conditioner is required to cool a larger area of 180-240 sqft.
  • Energy efficiency: Though an air-conditioner gives us a breeze of fresh air, it breaks us into another kind of sweat the one involving a rising electricity bill. Thus choosing an energy-efficient model is a must. Nowadays ACs comes with energy efficiency ratings given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Thus an AC with a higher star rating consumes lesser power.
  • Air quality: Air conditioners help to maintain indoor air quality. Thus air-conditioners are deployed with air filters that not only cleanses the air but also enhance the cooling performance by preventing the choking of evaporator coils from dust.
  • Other important features: Today most ACs comes with a dehumidification feature that reduces the humidity in the air and gives more cooling. Nowadays most brands offer ACs with sleep mode function that automatically adjusts the temperature at night. Another important feature to consider is the auto restart facility that restores the last temperature setting after a power break.
  • After sales service: If you are planning to buy an AC, select a brand that provides good after sales service.
  • Price: An air-conditioner with a higher star rating and more features will account for a higher price tag. So decide your budget accordingly.

We hope these guidelines will help you pick an air conditioner of your choice that will keep you comfortable year round.

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