Still Attach to the Plasma TV—Switch to LED TV


TV is an important electronic device in our daily life. It’s actually an object of entertainment. We cannot imagine our life without TV. But among TVs, LEDs are the best. It has unique image quality. LED TVs or the Light Emitting Diode televisions are television sets that use liquid crystal display to produce images. LED televisions are thinner and lighter than cathode ray tube of similar size. They are quickly displacing the only major competitors in the large screen market, the plasma display panel and rear projection television. Today the LED TVs are most widely produce television set. LED televisions produced a coloured image by selectively filtering light produced by a backlight, originally provided by a series of cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). The LED TVs allow meters of white light through it. How? Well, these television sets have several million LED shutters and they are all arranged in a grid that could be both opened and closed. Each of the shutters has their pair with some colored filter that tends to remove all the colors except the RGB or the red, green or blue from the white source of light. Each shutter filter pair forms a single sub-pixel. The sub-pixels are interesting because they are so tiny that even if you watch the TV from a short distance you could not make out that it is made up of many sub-pixels. Rather to you it would be a single pixel, color or a spot.

6 Best Reasons to Choose a LED TV

  1. LED TVs are thinner and lighter in size and weight than CRTs. Due to the flat screens and the light weight one don’t have to reserve a space in the room to put the TV, like on the ground. With LED TVs they can be hung on the wall. This often creates much more space in the room, and the LED TVs do not block other living room item, such as a fireplace.
  2. They are also brighter and can be seen in all lighting conditions. They have plastic, non reflective screens which is ideal for brightly lit rooms. You can keep LED TVs in a well-lit and window-filled room and still enjoy your favourite shows or movies during daytime.
  3. Compared to Plasma TVs, LED TVs take much less electricity to run. For avid TV watchers or for those with children or house guests who watch TV for hours on end the added cost of electricity in Plasma TVs will add up. LED TVs can expunge that cost.
  4. In terms of longevity, most modern day LED TVs have an expected 60,000 hour lifetime. If you watch six hours of TV a day, this will take 27 years to hit the 60,000 hour mark. LED TVs are manufactured by different companies like Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony.
  5. Screens are perfectly flat.
  6. So you can understand that it provides you with a lot of facilities. Enjoy your life using the best technologies. Hurry up and get one for you from any of the best companies. Using the best things will add spice to your life and will reduce your stress that using the worst things can give you.

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