Startup 2.0

Our society is largely driven by the developments we initiate or partake in. The advancements in the form of Governance, technology, Food and Entertainment decide the present and the yet-to-come future of the nation. But looking at a bigger picture, these categories are all inter-linked.

An optimum environment for an advancement includes support from the government which is indispensable for any growing economy; apart from this, a team working towards a common goal spearheads the development and consumerism above all, gives it the much required push and instigation.  We are lucky enough to be witnessing the ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign launched by our honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi who has indeed left no stone unturned to create a conducive environment for a change; change in terms of positive development and upliftment in the way people think and work. The aspiring Entrepreneurs are kicking in to bolster the startup canvas of the economy through relentless thinking and persistent efforts. As a result of which, we have seen an increment in the employment which ten years down the line will definitely give India an irrefutable standing on the international mosaic of the world.

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Startups especially the ones pertinent to technology have really made our lives easier and given us a breather when it comes to saving both, time and penny. India has recently seen an upsurge in technological innovations. Flipkart, Jabong(owned by Flipkart), Myntra(owned by Flipkart), Amazon and Snapdeal steal the show when it comes to buying anything for yourself, your kin or your home.

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Planning for a vacation has never been easier, thanks to portals like and; they are booming with multiple travel deals which makes it easier and economical for us to choose our destination and itinerary without breaking the bank.

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